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Literary Coaching

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.
~ Lao Tzu

"Valerie, I came to you for help and you haven't steered me wrong or given me bad advice. I benefited greatly and I knew that the other women on here [] would as well. They are simply raving about you,
but it's not really that hard or difficult to see why. Thank you for everything. You have been a TRUE inspiration to me and you will continue to be one for me as well as for others. It all begins with inspiration and a vision of who you want to be. I SHOUTED your success in my blog and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Jessica Angelique

Phase I  $1,000 (50% retainer required)
This package is for the person who has a good understanding of the publishing process and needs assistance with the finishing touches to launch that book.

Weekly phone, email or Skype consultation sessions
Manuscript review and critique
Pen of the Writer's Self-Publishing Made Easy book (coming soon)
This option has a term of six months


Anthology Compilers

This package is for the person who desires to compile an anthology.

Weekly phone, email or Skype consultation sessions
Determination of anthology specifics including type, guidelines and time line
Assistance with call for submissions, selection/rejection and tracking
Pen of the Writer's Self-Publishing Made Easy book (coming soon)
This option has a term of six months


Phase II  $2,000 (50% retainer required)
This package is for the person who is new to the industry; serious about getting that book published and needs assistance from pen to paper.

Phase I Management
Document filings for LLC, EIN, ISBN, LCCN, copyright (filing fees not included)Manuscript typeset for printing (editing not included)
Determination of optimal retail price
Three print quotes
Discounted registration to the annual
Pen To Paper Literary Symposium
This option has a term of one year

Phase III Queen V Publishing
This package is for the person who wants it all from pen to paper to published!

Our published clients include:

Jessica Angelique, author of Now Know Why That Caged Bird Sang
Marcella Ashe, author of Granny Says
Carolyn Bass-Kemp, author of Booty Call in the Church
Mary Ellen Crutcher, author of Breaking the Chain of Shame
Delma Downey-Miles, author of From the Inside Out!
Erlease Freeman, author of God My Sufficiency
Lisa Hughes, author of Collaborative Listening
Áman Israel, author of Mr. Jerry’s Nap

Jacquie Lewis-Kemp, author of Blessed Assurance: Success Despite the Odds

Joy Marino, author of Lord, Help Me to Hold Out
Vanessa Miller, author of The Rain Series
Robert Moyers, author of The Power of Peaceful Thinking
Toni Perry Gillispie, author of I'm Here, Now What?
Rev. W. S. Polk, Jr., author of Battled Clergy
Stephanie Robinson, author of Anointed To Die
Jim Schwarz, author of The A to Z of Idea Management
Lucinda Thierry, author of Quick Reference Guide for Self-Publishers
Sonya Visor, author of Who I Am

"Valerie, your feedback is insightful and demonstrates both passion and knowledge of the business. Thanks!"
Chandra White-Cummings
High Impact Moms

"Valerie Coleman does a great job helping new writers get published!!"
Joseph Howard
JoTre Christian Publishing

A special note from Sonya Visor
"I am forever grateful to you wonderful lady!  You are an awesome woman of the God.  You stole my title of "keeping it real."  I have never met anyone quite like you.   What a powerhouse, let's see: editor, writer, publishing company, engineer, passionate
pens...(the list is endless).  Your wisdom, critique and encouragement have blessed me beyond measure.  I am so glad to know you. Thank you for selecting my story to
be a part of your anthology project.  You go down in history because you published my first "real" work in
Blended Families An Anthology - The Check for $3.96.
Ms. Valerie, you are definitely taking your rightful place by force.  I've learned a lot from you and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.  I look forward to seeing
your book on  best-sellers lists!  In your words 'woo-hoo.'"
Sonya Visor
author of
Who I Am

"Valerie, thanks so much for sharing information with me. I used one of your printer resources and according to the quotes I received, I will be able to save over $500 of my precious money! If I gained nothing else from the festival, this tidbit of information was worth me going! Thanks again."
Daphine Glenn Robinson, author of
Brotherly Love & Betrayal

And for those who just want to eat...
Queen V Publishing LogoQueen V Publishing launched June 1, 2007 to help writers become published authors. As literary experts, we know how to transform manuscripts into polished works of art.

Our affordable plans provide a quality product you’ll love and grant you permission to succeed.

You retain all rights to your work
Printed and bound paperback book at 8.5” x 5.5” trim
Full-color custom-designed cover and typesetting
National distribution including Ingram, Baker & Taylor,
You keep 75% of royalties earned through our national distributors.

We help experts master self-publishing to make money!

* * *  Check out our marketing services on the Services page  * * *



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